BYE BYE 2010

HELLO THERE, NICE TO MEET YOU 2011, 2010 just passed and I am looking forward to meeting you. i want just a simple and happy year for me. THANK YOU 2011, it is a pleasure meeting you. cepat masa berlalu kan, rasa macam baruk kenal alu terus berpisah, yarabi! sedih ada juak rasa hati nak ninggal geng. cepat alu 2010 pergi, cepat alu 2011 datang. sikpa! maybe taun depan lebih baik atau lebih bagus! i hope so, aku jnji sikkn lupak kenangan aku di form 2. AWWW, REALLY SWEET TO FORGET. 2010, u teach me about LOVE, BE LOVED, PATIENT ! awww, thank you ! kamu dn kawan-kawan saya akan sentiasa ada dalam hati saya waktu 2011 nanti. 2011 is COMING, wish me LOVE, BE LOVED, HEALTHY, WEALTHY, SUCCESFUL, LUCKY, DREAMLY, LUCKY and HONESTY:) 2010, u always in my mind and ILOVE YOU. 2011, please be nice to me and i will love you :D 2010,You made me cry and laugh but you give me the best memories. You taught me many things about life. You may not be the best year, but you are still memorable. but its time to move on. i'll be missing you :)

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